Tuesday, August 5, 2008

J'y suis, j'y reste

It needs a purpose, I've decided. Nothing in life can get very far without a sense of purpose, a reason for existence. Animals in the wild have it down the best, I suppose: live for life's sake, and for life be content. Their purpose, their calling within its Sphere, is upheld perfectly. And yet, here we are along with them, making wonderful fools of ourselves in our attempts to become the kings (and queens, to my lovely female compatriots) of our own castles, which by way of pure, doctrinal understanding, have never been nor ever will be "ours".

This splendid delusion, indeed the entire natural instinct to which we may point all fingers of blame, is why I am writing this blog. In clarification, the purpose of this specific blog on this specific date is to find a purpose for this specific blog. The viciousness of it rocks me.

Ah, and how wise and knowledgeable I have managed to make myself sound thus far. Don't for a minute believe it. Instead, believe this:

"We do not know what we want and yet we are responsible for what we are - that is the fact." - Jean Paul Sartre

Ah! And with that the purpose is found. Welcome, dear reader, to my Pursuit. And what is it that I am pursuing? A great many things, with many more unknown to me. I know a few of them. I pursue Fulfillment and Understanding, the ability and inclination to Love myself and, especially, others, more freely, more truly and more meaningfully, and likewise the Humility of allowing myself to be loved in return. I pursue Honor and Loyalty, Purity of mind and heart, and Honesty with myself, my loved, and my God. I pursue His Favor, and to Earn that which has already been offered me.

This is the purpose, this is the fact: to Find and Appreciate the love in my life.

More later. I've a call to make.