Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Attempt the Second - or - Where The Road Falls Out

Have you ever felt like you have something so... so important to say, but you just can't get the words to come out? As though your whole heart and soul were screaming to let loose their bloody entirety on your page, but in the end the noise is just too furious and frenzied to make any sense? What if you knew that if you could make it out and speak the words the world would weep and stars would fall and the moon crack and the earth shake? Would you still want it to come out? Even though Heaven would crumble and Hell would freeze and Creation would die?
I would.
I just don't know the words. Perhaps tears can say what lips cannot.
I want no one to touch me or come near me. And I want a friendly shoulder very, very badly.
Leave me alone.
But, God, please don't.

Thirty-three Minutes

To go until I've reached twenty-one.

... I'm trying to remember what I've done, but I can't.

Damn this.