Tuesday, June 23, 2009

(Edit: An Exercise in the Wonder of Small Things) It was 4:30 in the morning

and I suddenly got really hungry. I remembered in my brain thing that there is a McDonald's just down on Freedom and Bulldog! I was almost to my car when I realized I had forgotten my shoes. So I retrieved them. They are green flip flops. Everyone keeps asking me, "Dane, don't your feet get cold?" This, to me, is a ridiculous question. I don't get cold, and what's more: I have never had just my feets get cold. That's like walking down the street and saying, "Gee, my torso is just really chilly today," or maybe, maybe even "Whooee! My elbow is sweltering!!"

But that is beside the point.

To continue my story, I was on Bulldog headed away from campus when I saw a DEL TACO! With ALL of its lights on! I wondered to myself, is it open? And it was! There, inside, was a man with a bright green apron! And I thought to myself, I am wearing green flip flops.

But I was unobservant of my forward travel and bypassed Del Taco. Then, there on the left, was McDonald's, and I remembered that it was now around 4:35, and they would be serving breakfast items only. Yuck. I wanted a burger. And Del Taco had burgers!

I turned into McDonald's! Then I turned around and went back onto the road and missed a big white dumb pickup truck! And I drove to Del Taco! And I pulled into the parking lot, and two Asian students were walking and looking really sad and I thought, I hope my headlights don't offend them. So then I pulled into the drive-through (which, I just realized, bothers me when it's spelled "thru". It seems grammatically, or perhaps literally, lazy. Like the word "til", which should always really be "'til".)

There is only one car parked in the lot, so I think to myself, perhaps it is just the manager, and he is opening the store really early to get it ready for a busy Tuesday! Which made me sad and uncomfortable. Was I sitting in the drive-through for naught? After a few moments I drove away towards McDonald's kinda confused, but then, looking back, I saw the man in the green apron looking at my car through the window! I thought to myself, Am I allowed to eat? I hunger for burgers with cheese and pickles! So I turned around in the street and drove by the Del Taco again, but the man in the green apron had disappeared.

I resigned myself to the breakfast menu sadly.

I got to McDonald's and ordered some biscuits. With bacon. And orange juice, because my thirst was great for citrus things. And also a hash brown. The lady in the first window forgot how much I owed and had to enter it all into the computer, then I gave her some paper and she gave some back to me in addition to some coins (!!).

The man in the second window gave me my orange juice, and I drank it. A headache I'd forgotten that I'd had went away, and also my craving for citrus was quenched. I waited ten minutes for my biscuits with bacon and hash brown, during which time I saw what led me to write this very blog:

Through the little window I looked into the restaurant behind the counter, and there on a little metal rack, right next to a big box labeled "Ketchup Packets" was a green wicker basket!!! I did not at that time recognize a correlation between the basket and my green flip flops, but I do now.

Driving home, I took one more look at Del Taco as I passed, and on the front window, brightly illuminated by neon, was a sign that read "DRIVE-THRU NOW OPEN 24 HRS!"

But all I could think about was, Who uses wicker baskets anymore?

I am tired and no longer hungry, as I have eaten my biscuits with bacon, and also my hash brown, and I have also drunk my citrusy orange juice. I suppose I shall get some sleep.

Good morning.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

So Lovely

Dane Ficklin, 6.18.09

Believe this.

I look into your eye
I don't fear this or any day
The rain is cold, my heart is beating
I'm beaming, breathing, bleeding
All at a merry once and all
Old photos, new memories
Move, flash, burn so suddenly
Languidly and lazily
So lovely to the mind
And soul
The wind is chill, my eyes are wet
The grass is swaying

And I remember.