Wednesday, October 28, 2009


D. Lawrence Ficklin

Don't, don't, don't, don't
Let it out, let it in,
Hold it back, make amends.
Why does this life move so fast
And, all at once, so slow?

Now, now, now, now
Dry your eye, shed no tear,
Take my hand, hold it near.
There is nothing I can say,
So silent, close, I'll be

There, there, there, there,
Can't you see, don't you know:
I'm right here, don't let go.
As your mind drifts off to sleep
My arms shall keep you warm

My, my, my, my
Go to sleep, hear me sing,
Close your eyes, dream your dreams.
In the morning when you wake,
You need not look far:

I'll be where you are.

Monday, October 12, 2009


D. Lawrence Ficklin

Nothing at all and everything to say
Each why and wherefore is melting away
The world is a dark, lonely place
But it needn't be so

If through this looking-glass I could pick out your face
See you standing beside at the end of this race
That I'm running day in and day out
But barely moving at all

Because the mirror is empty where I should see
Your smiling face looking right back at me
A stranger, a friend, right now
I really don't care
With my green eyes you said you could see through
The secrets up front to that hidden truth
That I always and never was willing and able to share
But you're not there
Tell me, is that fair?

The ground's running out from underneath
The end's coming up below my feet
And if falling through sky's what I'm for
Give me wings

The scenery's changed, it's brown where once green
And everything that I've done is in spite of me
So tell me, Why?
Why did you move me?

I can't see...
(So close your eyes)
I can't breathe...
(Have you tried?)
Hold me, please...
Don't leave...
No more goodbyes.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ode to My Bonnie

I miss my car.

Ode to My Bonnie
D. Lawrence Ficklin

Were I indeed to start again
I'll let you know one secret, friend
There's just a few steps I should take
Before I see it through

You see before it all is said and done
I've got to make sure it's the one
I want before I let it in
And that's the simple truth

She's got to sing within my soul
And move with grace and pure control
To flow like glass and never shatter
Her every line and contour smooth

So until that day I'll have to wait
Pine 'til I hear those pistons 8
Oh, Bonnie, why did you leave me so?
I'm dearly missing you.


Monday, October 5, 2009

On the Unappreciative Nature of Cats

I do not like cats. They're very capricious. They shed. They claw. They smother you in the middle of the night. And I'm allergic to them. Which makes every one of these even worse.

There's a cat that lives behind my apartment inside a storm drain. It recently had kittens. You can here them mewling. Like I said, I don't like cats. But I loove kittens. They're small. Their soft. They nibble your fingers ad climb up your leg and fall asleep in your lap and chase around laser pointers.

After the final session of General Conference yesterday, I put on a jacket, and a scarf, and a fashionable hat, took up a book and a personal CD player, and made my way out to the Tree-shaded Grassy Knoll of Peace which also lies behind my apartment. Along with the cat. I sat down on the grass and leaned back against a big rock and read a certain fantasy novel while listening to Ray LaMontagne. The sky was cloudy. The wind was chill. It was, in a word, perfect.

Suddenly, what should I see but the mama cat all a-prowl. She slinks her way through the soft grass, weaving between the rocks and boulders, eying me hungrily. I thought to myself, winter is coming soon, and this cat will soon have a devil of a time finding food, and while I don't like cats one jot, they are nonetheless one of God's creatures. I decided to bring some food to the cat. (As I said before, Conference had just ended and I was in a slightly more charitable mood than usual.) I stood, brushed off the grass from my trousers and made my way back to the apartment, all the while feeling the eyes of mama cat sizing me up for her meal. I reached my kitchen, opened a can of Starkist Tuna (my reasoning for this literally being, "Well, Garfield loves tuna fish, and he's a cat...") and took it back to the storm drain.

This is where it got ugly.

From within the storm drain, I hear the mewling of hungry kittens. I loove kittens. So what do I do? I set the tuna to the side and crouch over the drain and start to meow. Like a cat. The mewling stops and soon I see the reflective eyes of a kitten peering up at me. "Meow!" says I, and the kitten's head cocks in confusion.

It's then that I hear it. A terrifying shriek of rage and bloodlust coming from directly behind me. Mama cat has arrived, and for all she knows I'm corrupting the minds of her kittens with my odd yowling. She latches onto my leg. I scream. She screams. The tuna is spilled in the ensuing scuffle. We fight and wrestle all across the Tree-shaded Grassy Knoll of Peace behind my apartment. Finally I manage to remove my leg from her mouth (the cat has meanwhile turned into a lioness and has consumed it down to the bone, or so it seemed) and I run back to my rock whilst she hisses and spits and paces around the storm drain before disappearing inside. I yell out to her a dirty name, then instantly feel ashamed, as General Conference had just ended and I was supposed to be feeling more charitable than usual.

I (somehow) manage to stem the horrendous wounds I'd suffered in the mauling, then I sit down beside the rock and scratch my nose.

And sneeze. (I'm still allergic, it seems.)

And then it started to rain.

And I sat there thinking to myself, I really want a dog.


Friday, October 2, 2009


D. Lawrence Ficklin
I stood beneath the leaves today
Still. Silent. And I breathed
The cold and crisp air
I watched the mountains
Being pummeled by clouds
The wind stung my cheeks
My grimace couldn't help but be a smile
And as I raised my voice in adoration
The wind and the leaves said to me:
I became quiet again
Still, He knows how I felt
Standing beneath the leaves
With the cold wind stinging my cheeks