Sunday, October 17, 2010

Life Signs

I'm moving, breathing
I'm down here but I'm coming up
I live for believing
What this is worth will be enough

Look past all of these white lights
The dazzle shining at the height of day
The glamour that hides both blue and cloud
A noontime sun that never fades

Behind this mask you'll find my face
Look and it might begin to break...

Look for the life signs I hide away
Feel for the beat in this heart of clay
I'll believe tomorrow is better than today
So long as I'm still breathing

I don't know what they're offering
And crumbled rock could be my skin
Or bronze covered in verdigris
Still I'm breathing out and breathing in

When sound and soul are clamouring
When ground falls out beneath your feet
When fire burns or water drowns
Reach out to me and feel this pulse
It might be weak, but give it time
When light and noise both fall behind

You crumble in my arms and then
I crumble into yours
We find ourselves once more a part
Of strong and living stone
And wind and stream and master's hand
Will carve us into life again
And we will find ourselves, through love

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Uncle Dane

I'm an uncle! Welcome to the world, Max Kyle Hobson.

There's wonder still to be found here.