Saturday, March 13, 2010

The New Addition

My mum and dad got off the plane in Hawaii yesterday and were greeted by my little sister, her husband, a tiny striped onesy, with the name "Hobson" stitched on the back, and the news that my sister is pregnant.

My parents are soon going to be grandparents, and I will be an uncle. The most awesomest uncle the world has ever seen.

But I already knew this. A little over a month ago I had a dream, and in this dream I learned that my sister was pregnant. She was holding a child in her arms. This fact hit me so hard when I woke up that I called Hailey the next day and asked her about it. At the time, she said no. A few days later, she called me back, saying that they had just found out that she was indeed pregnant. I had to promise to keep it quiet from everyone else in the family (especially Chase, since he can't keep his mouth shut on anything remotely confidential). It's good to now be able to talk about it.

Yesterday my mum called me at work, and told me that Hailey had told her about my dream, and told me a story that I didn't remember. She told me that when I was very young, and when she was pregnant with Hailey, I came to her and asked her when my little sister was going to get here. At this point, my parents had no idea whether mum was pregnant with a boy or a girl, and so she explained to me that they didn't know that it was a girl that was coming, that I might be getting a little brother. She says that I looked at her and said that an angel had told me I'd be getting a little sister. My mother didn't doubt it after that.

I was very young at the time, so young that I don't remember the exchange, but when she told me, I recognized the same certainty that I had felt in that dream a month ago. I love my sister, and I will always be grateful for the close bond that we have apparently always shared. :)

Congratulations, Hailey and Kyle! I'm looking forward to meeting the new addition, and teaching him everything an uncle probably shouldn't! :)