Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Old Aches

I've seen decades come and go,
Centuries grow old and fade away.
Nations rise up and decay, empires go to waste,
Over and over again.
Constance: the greatest myth I've heard,
And throughout all this world
Nothing lasts but the change.

So why do I still hear your name?
Why do I see your face in everything?
These memories and pains refuse to fade,
These old aches, until you've been remade
Or they die with me.

Ten million miles beneath my soles
I've seen every sight, walked every road
All that has ever been, it's all alike to me

Sunrise blurs with the dusk
Above I can't tell the moon from the sun
It's an endless life each day I lead
An eternal waking sleep
Since I was born and this world made mine
I have it all and nothing I can keep

While I am walking all alone
Where once you were, but now gone
And I've no choice but to go on